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They said it was too hard. That was in 2006. Since then, technologies, digital data, and collaborative tendencies have matured to the point where it's not too hard anymore. In 2012, a statewide group convened to figure out how to develop and maintain Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Map Framework data sets. The Planning Workgroup, within the Administrative Boundaries Framework Implementation Team, has done just that and, with ODOT's partnership, has carried out a successful pilot. We will share the statewide zoning classification, the outreach and technical approaches, and the results thus far. We will also share plans for filling in the rest of the state and ideas for maintaining it. Because of the Land Use Planning statutes in Oregon, Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Map Framework are essential to understanding how program policies are playing out in local governments across the state and for modeling future transportation and other land use needs. These are just two of the myriad uses for these Framework data.

Gail M. Ewart, GISP; Robert Mansolillo

Gail has been leading GIS and information resource initiatives in the northwest for nearly a decade. As Oregon's Framework Coordinator and Idaho's Geospatial information Officer, she has had deep and practical experience on coallescing and executing collaborative efforts involving diverse stakeholders. She is currently leading an intiative within Oregon's land use planning agency that is completely transforming how the agency does business and what it offers to local governments and partners to assist land use planning activities throughout the state. Gail has a B.A. in English, a M.S. in Geography, and has been a certified GIS Professional since 2006. Robert is new to Oregon, having served as an Urban Planner in Colorado and Arizona and most recently as a GIS analyst for an electrical engineering consultant in Arizona. At DLCD, Robert assures a vital connection between land use planning and GIS. Robert has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from Arizona State University.

Agency:  Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
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