A Constructive Criticism of the Parcel Editor

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For the nine months, Clackamas County GIS has worked with ESRI regarding the possible migration of the tax lots into the Local Government Information Model for Parcels. This process has taught County GIS staff how the parcel fabric maintains and manages parcel data. The Parcel Editor provides several benefits with maintaining parcels. However, there are also several drawbacks that ESRI still needs to address in order to make the necessary move to a parcel fabric. These discrepancies do not prohibit implementing some level of a fabric within an organization. In addition to the strengths and weaknesses of the Parcel Editor, there are other potential beneficial applications of the parcel fabric technology in managing jurisdictional boundaries. This presentation will explore how Clackamas County is using the Parcel Editor including a critique of real world uses of the application.

Jonathan McDowell, GISP

Jonathan McDowell has worked for Clackamas County GIS for fourteen years. He is the ORMAP technical lead. Jonathan is also active with the ORMAP Developers committee.

Homestead 1
October 17, 2013 - 9:30am - 10:00am
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