Culvert Inventory Effort

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ODOT lacked current location and condition information on thousands of culverts around the state and thus embarked on a statewide effort to update this inventory. Key parts of the effort has been an initial triage with follow-up condition assessments using two related applications for mobile GPS equipment. This coordinated effort ensured that data could be quickly and appropriately collected according to standards, attributes and definitions that would allow a statewide dataset to be updated for decision making for repair and replacement. This has been a multi-step effort to evolve a process into compliance with an ODOT enterprise standard. We have taken a holistic approach to development of this GPS solution as part of an effort to ensure that the data was returned to the source system.

Laura Wipper

Laura Wipper, AMI Manager since 2009, 28yr ODOT employee. Facilitates and coordinates efforts related to enterprise information for proactive management of the transportation infrastructure.

Homestead 2
October 17, 2013 - 9:30am - 10:00am
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