How to Collect The Best GPS Data Under Tree Canopy

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Jon Aschenbach will describe how ArcPad can be used with both US and Russian (GLONASS) satellites to collect the best possible GPS data under tree canopy. He will show how to set up ArcPad for improved GPS accuracy, how to incorporate laser rangefinders for GPS offsets, and proper field procedures for best accuracy. He will also review the use of imagery in the daily use of ArcPad. His conclusion will look at the future of GPS and the "Game Changing" options soon to be available to all GPS users.

Jon Aschenbach

Jon Aschenbach is president of Resource Supply, LLC in Tigard, Oregon. He has extensive experience working with resource grade GPS units, dual frequency GPS units, laser rangefinders, stockpile measurement equipment, and the ArcPad mobile GIS software. Jon has taught several seminars including “Learn ArcPad in One Day”, “Professional Timber Cruising”, “GPS in Forestry”, and “Practical Application of New Technology in Forestry”. His present company, Resource Supply LLC was formed in 2008. Jon has been an Esri Business Partner for over 20 years. 503-707-6236 Cell 503-521-0888 Office

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October 17, 2013 - 2:00pm - 2:30pm
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