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Geodesign is an emerging collaboration method for the creation of designs in geographic space and the evaluation of their impacts, all provided by a decision-driven “feedback-friendly” framework. As such Geodesign has an annual summit (sponsored by Esri), several focused academic initiatives and programs, and a formalized framework, distilled from years of practical experience by noted Harvard Professor Carl Steinitz. In practice, the end goal is to help humanity organize our activities that alter our landscape to create superior designs that result in a more sustainable and healthier planet. Geodesign can only work with significant multi-disciplinary collaboration, especially between geographic scientists and design professionals. This is a fundamental issue for Geodesign and it requires careful attention and cautious execution. Although cooperation and collaboration here is not new and has a history of moderate success, failures are also too commonplace. While the challenges here are multi-faceted and, at the core, involve differing professional focuses, methods of practice, scales of operational comfort, communication semantics and tools, it has been referred to as “a necessary collaboration” for Geodesign. Attend this introductory Special Interest Group to learn about a regional effort in the Northwest to educate, evangelize, and engage around Geodesign approaches.

Bryant Ralston

Bryant Ralston serves as the Senior Sales Manager and GIS consultant at Innovate. He has a keen interest in Geodesign and significant experience in applying GIS in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) contexts. His hands-on experience with CAD-based GIS (AutoCAD/ArcCAD, Microstation/Intergraph MGE, AutoCAD Geo-SQL) led him to Esri where he worked for 16 years, with his final responsibility operating a satellite office serving customers in Montana and Idaho. He now lives in Seattle and enjoys outdoor sporting traditions, vintage Commodore computers, and spending time grilling and smoking meats for family and friends.

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October 17, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
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