Keeping up with the Times: the creation of a regional government API

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RLIS delivers more than 100 GIS map layers for the region through online download and web services - available to subscribers anywhere with Internet access. The RLIS API is intended for regional developers in need of geocoding functionality and/or answers to specific questions about a given address. The API is easily included in any JavaScript/HTML5/CSS web site or application and does not require additional libraries such as JQuery or Dojo to operate. Developer resource-scarcity coupled with rapidly-changing web server platforms prompted our creation of an API for both in-house and subscriber usage. The API provides geocoding, address autosuggestion and query functionality and allowed our agency to rapidly redevelop a host of lookup tools. While backed by ESRI technology, the API is not powered by ArcGIS Server allowing us to cleanly separate map service concerns with app-building functions.

Ben Sainsbury

GIS Specialist, Data Resource Center Oregon Metro

Homestead 3
October 17, 2013 - 11:30am - 12:00pm
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