Making The Rounds: City of Kirkland Post-Disaster Vehicle Routing

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The City of Kirkland Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has incorporated the use of the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension into emergency management planning. The EOC manager has drafted an Operations Manual that prescribes drive-by assessments of 100 high-priority facilities in Kirkland immediately after a major natural or human-caused disaster. These facilities include public buildings, utilities infrastructure, schools, care facilities, staging areas, and suppliers. The vehicle routing tool in the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension was used to generate 13 inspection routes from 5 Kirkland fire stations to optimally assess the 100 facilities. This presentation will describe the entire project from concept through design to the final QA/QC of the routes. The utilization of “soft skills” during the needs assessment and early project requirements will be discussed in some detail. An overview of the technical methodology and challenges will also be presented. Finally, the presenter will examine how the confluence of technology tools and actual emergency responder input provided the best quality product in the shortest timeframe. The presentation will conclude with some ideas about ways to use and modify the route information on the fly during an actual emergency, a critical need of dispatchers and first responders.

Mel Soares

Mel Soares is a GIS Analyst for the City of Kirkland, Washington. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography/GIS from the University of Washington and 8 years of professional GIS experience.

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October 17, 2013 - 9:00am - 9:30am
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