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TransGIS is the Oregon Department of Transportations primary web mapping application built using the JavaScript API for ArcGIS. TransGIS serves as the template for building more business specific applications for various areas of the department. The concept was to provide a simple user interface that can be replicated for other applications. TransGIS also includes ODOT basemaps that are created using the Oregon transportation framework layer as well as framework layers from other agencies such as administrative boundaries and hydrography. As new tools are built internally or by consultants on the TransGIS framework for more specific applications they are added back to the TransGIS application. When a new application is requested the customers can pick from the library of available functions so that there is not more tools than they need. This allows each single focus application to remain as simple and easy to use as possible. TransGIS basemaps and services are also being integrated with ArcGIS Online. ODOT uses the TransGIS services in ArcGIS Online to create new simple web maps as well as to share basemaps and data services with other agencies and external partners. A number of applications have already been built from TransGIS focused around planning, project tracking, locating crashes and more.

Ryan R. Johnson, GISP

Ryan has been the Senior GIS Analyst at the Oregon Department of Transportaion since 2009. He is the project manager for the TransGIS web mapping application and is primarily resposible for ODOT's enterprise GIS infrastructure design and maintenance. Cartography for web mapping, enterprise data management and project management for building new web applications takes most of his time. Ryan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Oregon.

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