ROI 4 GIS: Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and Client Experiences

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Practically all Governments and private organizations today are asked to accomplish their respective missions with increased efficiency. This is due to tough economic conditions, diminishing budgets and increased pressures to justify their existing and future budgets making requests for funding increasingly difficult and precarious. Many government and corporate leaders are requiring more rigorous Return on Investment (ROI) analyses prior to allocating resources to any project, including GIS. ROI analyses help to communicate and inform decision makers on the benefits of the investment dollars and human capital spent (or to be spent). This presentation will cover ROI best practices and experiences from serving clients that are required to identify, quantify, display, and justify the value of GIS. The speaker looks forward to sharing his experiences with you and he will discuss topics such as communicating with decision makers, selecting the criteria to measure or “measuring like you mean it”, bounding ROI studies based on appropriate business cycles, storyboarding, “before and after” analysis, and how to deal with gaps in data.

Phill Thomas

Mr. Phill Thomas, the Chief Operating Officer for Innovate, a business consulting and GIS firm, has worked with Federal/State/Local/Tribal governments and the private sector for over 25 years. Mr. Thomas has orchestrated dozens of projects providing business consulting, strategy, and GIS solutions. He has performed Return on Investment (ROI) studies for many clients (and is in the middle of one now for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) helping them to make informed decisions on allocating resources to the highest value-creating activities.

October 17, 2013 - 4:30pm - 5:00pm
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