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Previous methods of collecting and storing location of signs and supports were unreliable; 14 separate databases housing sign data. Initial efforts to gather basic inventory included QA/QC and data warehouse. Methods ranged from using multiple tools and hand calculating the location to simply guessing the location of the asset. Using off-the-shelf hardware, software and creative programming we created a single tool to gather location information of an asset with the push of a button. Results from testing indicate the tool is able to calculate and store a precise location in a fraction of the time of previous methods. Audience members may find useful the real world example of GIS working within an asset management database in an increasing trend of using GIS to collect and maintain asset data.

Jason Motley & Laura Hansen

Jason Motley, ODOT Sign Asset Management Specialist. Develop variety of tools to increase efficiency, accuracy and consistency for the agency, related to sign asset management. Laura Hansen, AMI Coordinator since 2007, 19+ yr. ODOT employee. Facilitates and coordinates efforts related to enterprise information for proactive management of the transportation infrastructure.

Homestead 1
October 17, 2013 - 10:30am - 11:00am
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