Walkability for a New City Hall Location

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When the announcement was made that Beaverton City Hall was moving to a new location in 2014, one of many concerns was where to eat, get coffee, or run errands close by. A lack of sidewalks, railroad crossings, and a sea of parking lots makes traveling from A to B a little more complicated in that area. In the presentation I will show how we created a simple Walking Route network using ArcGIS Network Analyst and how we used a Composite Address Locator to geocode amenities from our Business License database. With an in-house walking network we were able to highlight the walkability of the new location with routes and travel times to businesses nearby a little more realistically (and updated) than using web searches or regional walking networks.

Heidi Suna

GIS Specialist for City of Beaverton, avid bike commuter and walker

Homestead 1
October 17, 2013 - 8:30am - 9:00am
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