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ESRI Workshops

Lidar Lab  

This hands-on short course will cover managing and using lidar point cloud data with ArcGIS 10.1. Participants will learn how to manage lidar data, use ArcGIS for 2D/3D visualization and analysis, and share their lidar data through web services. Attendees will learn a complete lidar data management strategy, including: how to catalog their data; when to use LAS Datasets, terrain Datasets, and Mosaic Datasets; what analytical options are available for lidar; how to fuse lidar data with other spatial and operational layers; and techniques for making lidar data more accessible.

By utilizing the ArcGIS platform, organizations will be better able to support informed decision making by providing simple and timely access to your lidar and Imagery.

ArcGIS Online "Unconference"

The ArcGIS Online “unconference” workshop is designed for attendees who have an ArcGIS Online subscription and who want to participate in discussions on best practices for:

  • Implementing an ArcGIS Online subscription
  • Managing an ArcGIS Online subscription
  • Using ArcGIS Online to provide maps and apps for your customers
  • Providing access to your GIS data on any device
  • Enabling self-service mapping using your authoritative GIS data

The format will be an open schedule grid, which allows all attendees the opportunity to suggest session topics (related to ArcGIS Online) at the beginning of the workshop. Suggested topics can also be sent in advance to

The topics to be covered will be voted on at the beginning of the workshop. Although the workshop will not be hands-on, we will make sure that, where appropriate, the selected topics are both discussed and demonstrated.

Presenters: Shane Clarke and Scott Moore, Esri

$100/session or $175 for both for conference registrants
$150/session  or $200 for both if you are only taking the workshop and not attending the conference





Understanding Projections for ArcGIS

This presentation will take the mystery out of projections, coordinate systems, and datums. We’ll start with an overview of projection concepts, and then specifically discuss how these concepts and issues apply to GIS and also how to apply this knowledge correctly working with data in different projections in ArcGIS and changing projections as needed. This presentation is useful for anyone working with GIS or GPS, and is especially useful for people working with different projections in ArcGIS.

by John Schaeffer, Juniper GIS
Tuesday, 6-7:30pm, FREE

Coincidentally: Working with Coincident Features in a Geodatabase

This one-hour session will cover a demonstration and discussion of:
Creating topology for coincident features:

  • Poly/Poly, Line/Line, Point/Line, etc.
  • Interpreting errors
  • Editing tools and methods for correcting coincident feature errors
  • Tools and methods for editing coincident features 

By Bruce Kessler, Kessler GIS
Tuesday 6-7pm, FREE

Mobile GIS or GPS Solution?

The technologies we use as GIS Professionals is changing so rapidly today that is hard to stay on top of and choose the right solution for the job. This workshop will explore mobile GIS and GPS solutions and show you how to quickly take your GIS data to the field using a GPS or smart phone application.

Whether your organization is thinking about using recreational GPS devices like Garmin or resource grade Trimble units with ArcPad, this workshop will explore the array of solutions available and help you choose the right mobile solution to manage your natural resource data or assets in the field.

Paul Ferro has over 13 years of experience in the GIS and GPS industry. 
Tuesday 6-7pm, FREE