ArcGIS Online “Unconference” (4 Hours, $100)

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The ArcGIS Online “unconference” workshop is designed for attendees who have an ArcGIS Online subscription and who want to participate in discussions on best practices for:

  • Implementing an ArcGIS Online subscription
  • Managing an ArcGIS Online subscription
  • Using ArcGIS Online to provide maps and apps for your customers
  • Providing access to your GIS data on any device
  • Enabling self-service mapping using your authoritative GIS data 

The format will be an open schedule grid, which allows all attendees the opportunity to suggest session topics (related to ArcGIS Online) at the beginning of the workshop. Suggested topics can also be sent in advance to

The topics to be covered will be voted on at the beginning of the workshop. Although the workshop will not be hands-on, we will make sure that, where appropriate, the selected topics are both discussed and demonstrated.

Presenters: Shane Clarke and Scott Moore, Esri

October 15, 2013 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Ponderosa Gallery 707
Shane Clarke and Scott Moore, Esri