Sharpen your GIS Skills with Web GIS - Part I Content and Configurable Resources

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Web GIS is a new pattern for delivering capabilities and it is at the center of Esri’s strategic direction for GIS.  It builds upon your existing desktop and server environment helping GIS users to do their work more efficiently while extending GIS capabilities to a broader cross section of knowledge worker. Web GIS is easier to use, it’s more accessible to a broader range of information users and easier to administer and manage.  It means there are different ways to do things and new best practices.  This 2 part presentation will share these with you and endeavor to help sharpen your skills around these new concepts and capabilities.

In Part 1 we will explore the wealth of content (maps , imagery, and GIS services) that Esri has assembled and made readily available for users of the platform and how Web GIS is a content management system helping to organize, secure, and facilitate access to geographic information products. We will also look at a number of configurable apps and app templates that are available to you to deploy meaningful, focused information products quickly and easily. These templates shift the effort from what has historically been a custom application development project to a pattern of download, configure, and use.




October 16, 2013 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Nathalie Smith & Scott Moore