Working with Real-Time high precision GPS/GNSS in ESRI's mobile software - ArcPad and ArcGIS for Mobile (1 day, $350)

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Are you running ESRI's ArcPad or ArcGIS Mobile with a GPS/GNSS receiver?  Are you getting the best in-field accuracy possible out of your system? Do you really need to post process?  Are you using the correct NAD83 datum transform? Uninformed Mobile GIS and GNSS deployments can waste thousands of dollars and lead to inaccurate feature locations.

This workshop will not only help you capture the most accurate and reliable GNSS positions for your GIS, it will help you use your GNSS equipment budget effectively to meet YOUR organization's needs. Many types of GPS/GNSS receivers will be covered (this is not a manufacturer-specific workshop).

Class by Craig Greenwald, GeoMobile Innovations

Cost: $350


October 15, 2013 - 8:00am - 5:00pm
Links Gallery 727
Craig Greenwald, GeoMobile Innovations